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Stockdale Building Group : Building with a Human Touch


Stockdale Building Group was established in 2003 as JVK Constructors, LLC by John Stockdale with the goal to be a better contractor in all aspects of the industry. From the beginning, our leadership worked diligently to create a company culture that works hard to consistently exceed our clients' expectations on a regular basis.  Our company collectively works as a team to ensure every resource available is put toward your project, delivering the project in a way that is timely, cost effective, and safe; but easy and straightforward for our clients.  The result of our efforts is best illustrated by the fact that the vast majority of our projects are built for repeat clients that employ our services time and time again.


Our business goal is very simple: Provide the best construction services and management available, while always providing superior value to our clients. We work to keep our overhead consistently low - providing direct savings to those we work with, without compromising the quality and services that are expected and deserved.  Above all, we will never jeopardize the integrity of our business relationships and will continue to provide an ethical approach in all of our dealings.


We are continuing to expand our operations and credibility in the marketplace, and we are confident that we have something positive to add to the industry. We continue to exceed expectations by innovating and constantly improving our process in order to build on our long record of successfully serving those we work with. Today, Stockdale Building Group has licenses in 20 states and is working on a national level, while never straying from the values that we were founded on: ethics, teamwork, value, and an uncompromising dedication to our clients.

Company Mission Statement


Build at the highest standards, creating environments that enrich the work and lives of others. 


Core Values



Embrace an ownership mentality by working to make the company, our coworkers, and our products better every day. Take initiative to invest in people to ensure collective success.



Build trust by working with complete transparency and honesty. Ensure deep integrity in everything you do by being straightforward and honoring our commitments.



Work to constantly improve our processes by learning from experience, adapting to change, and approaching every opportunity with an open mind and a willingness to learn.



Prioritize collective success before individual achievements. Help others in all aspects of life and business.



Practice sound decision making by openly communicating ideas, taking time to fully contemplate issues, and eventually fully committing to the team decision.



Focus on the details, starting with the smallest of tasks to the largest processes. Take pride in doing things correctly and consequently delivering projects with the highest level of quality.



Embrace the critical role we play in helping our clients create spaces to effectively run their business. Consider this role a privilege, and understand it requires the embodiment of a service mindset with constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment to the needs of others.



Enjoy and take pride in our craft. Strive to be great at our work and appreciate the opportunity to build.

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